With his debut studio album Ratchet, Las Vegas alternative pop-babe Shamir is incomparable. Combining weirdo pop vibes with country influences, Shamir’s awesome sounds and nostalgic aesthetic will get stuck in your head and make you move. We talked to him before he plays in Dallas tomorrow, October 14th at South Side Music Hall with Marina & the Diamonds.

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Photo by Matthew Parri Thomas.


We’re excited to see you in Dallas tomorrow. Have you ever been here before?

I’ve never been to Dallas.

Really? Do you know anything about the city?

Not too much. I have a friend who’s actually from there and she recommended me to this really cool blues club.

Rad. What’s your favorite part about performing your songs? Do you have a favorite song to play live?

Yeah, “Youth” is pretty fun to play live. It’s just really dynamic. The way it goes, it’s really fun. I just like performing in general. I just feel really comfortable (on stage).

Cool so what do you hope people take away from the show? To walk away feeling like they had a good time or is there something else?

Yeah I just want people to feel like they had a good time, like they were at a party and not necessarily coming to see a spectacle. I’m not a person who likes to be the center of attention anyway. I just kinda want everyone else to feel good. And I think people get that from my shows; I think they realize that this is not them watching me perform, this is us sharing an experience.

I think they realize that this is not them watching me perform, this is us sharing an experience.

Is there an artist you really love to see live?

I haven’t gotten a chance to see a lot of live music because not too many artists I like come to Vegas. Typically we only get pop artists. I’m obsessed with Mac Demarco but I’ve only seen him live once. That was during the 2 album days. I think the question is Who have I seen? So far my favorite has been Bjork; Bjork was amazing.

So we heard that you got your start in country music. How do you feel your sound has changed over time and does country music still influence the stuff that you’re writing?

Yeah, I feel like most of my songs start out as country songs in a weird way. A lot of songs on the album are just me and my guitar, that’s how they all start really. And then kinda just get made into something more pop or more electronic. It still influences me all the time, still listen to it all the time. There’s still elements of it in my music. “Call It Off”, the melody was heavily influenced by a country song and I did the Lindi Ortega cover for my EP.

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Last question: is there anything you wish people knew about your music that may not be the first thing that’s coming to mind?

No, not really. Each song definitely has a hidden message that I think if people really sit down and pay attention to they’ll get. I know sometimes it’s kinda hard to do that because your initial reaction is to dance, which is cool too, but it’s sometimes cool when people sit down and listen and wanna know what the song is about and what it means.

It’s time to call it off.

Catch Shamir with Marina & the Diamonds on the “Neon Nature Tour” on October 14th at South Side Music Hall in Dallas and in other select cities in the US/Canada.




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