Discover: Nick Glover

“As a fashion photographer, I create for the purposes of showcasing not only my own photographic style but also the creativity of everyone involved. Fashion exists in photography as that awesome center between portraiture and fine art. I’m constantly inspired by unique models, clothing, and makeup styles and love to showcase what inspires me.

The work is a fashion story that showcases a cool, urban street style in lesser known areas in my hometown. I wanted the model to appear vibrant and stand out through both makeup and styling. Different is cool, and different is good.

Fashion for me provides a voice for me to help create a world we¬†could live in. The looks don’t always necessarily translate well into everyday life but just the idea of seeing someone in a fashion story and thinking “I want to BE that girl” is just the coolest thing.”

Photographer: Nick Glover (@nikkuman)
HMUA: Kelsey Ikeler (@kelseyikelerhmua)
Styling: Kristin McIntyre (@knicmac)
Photo Assistant: Marshall Cox (@marshalldavid11)
Model: Dean Robinson @Wallflower Management (@dean_of_dallas)


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