It was a pleasure this London Collections Men to have a chat with designer Rachel James in the designer showrooms about her new collection this season.

The collection is based on James’ annoyance that her computer, filled with her ideas, glitches a lot. The whole collection was bursting with prints, knit and exciting fabrics all made to look like computer glitches.

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All photos by Luke Hutson-Flynn.


One of the pieces was a giant scarf made out of seven sections, then stitched together to make a unique piece that has a wonderful effect when wrapped around yourself.

Last season and this season as well, James’ dares to use an almost day glow green in her collection, which she confesses to be one of her favourite colours. Normally it would be shied away from, but James’ use of print over the top of the long coat in this season, and the knit that was used on the jumper this colour in last season, makes it work incredibly well.

It is nice to see a designer that experiments with knit doing well and I look forward to the next collection. I think we need more knit in the world.

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