By Morgan Gentry

Underpass Tavern was a great hole in the wall for Matthew McNeal to give a memorable show to his supportive audience Saturday night. Starting a little behind schedule (due to technical difficulties), McNeal took to the stage with excitement and delivered a warm performance. A few favorites of mine were ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Losing Hand’ and ‘Little Star of Texas’.


With three guitar changes, tons of love for for his longtime friend and drummer Andre Black, and the constant gratification from friends, family and fans, McNeal ended the night with such high spirits and a good impression towards the Dallas-Fort Worth music scene. McNeal performed his whole album, Compadre and a few from his first project, When You’re Down.


Americana rock is seeing a resurgence, and we’re so glad Matthew McNeal is apart of the uproar. With his shoulder-length sandy blonde locks, voice full of southern grit and soul, and weathered ‘Compadre’ jean jacket, he is sure to pop up on your list of up and coming musicians.


His album, Compadre, is now available on Itunes, his website and I’m sure he’ll have copies and merchandise with him on his upcoming tour!


Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Photos by Hillary Head.

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