JULY DISCOVERY // michal wijata

The obscure and intriguing Poland based photographer left us curious when we received his submission but felt inclined to read more. We’re glad we did.

“Each one of us contains within oneself an actor, a director and a spectator. The point where these three characters meet in front of a mirror is fascinating. It is a point where one finds himself in such an intensely intimate situation with oneself that it becomes embarrassing. All of the photographs have been made in negative. it is however the only effect used. All of the other effects have been achieved ‘in analogue’, applying the laws of optics. The photographs are not post-processed or retouched. They are printed on thick plexiglass size A2 and illuminated from behind. Mortraits do not exist in a digital form or on paper. Just like their characters, they have a body – this body consists of plexiglass (tissue), paint (blood) and light (calls into existence the self, the ego of the characters).”

MODEL: Emilia Milewska, Michal Wijata
STYLIST:Michal Wijata, Emilia Milewska


I want these images to evoke in people a consideration of their nature. I want them to ask themselves questions about their true nature and what they know about it.


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