Words // Garrett Smith x Photography // Erin Devany & Garrett Smith

Diane: Dale Cooper here.

I’ve taken up an assignment, briefly, on the side, reporting for this fine Dallas publication. I was told of a local Twin Peaks-themed show and, needless to say, I’ve tasked myself with a little R&R – no, no rest and relaxation for this agent, but some research and reconnaissance.

This past weekend, King Camel Productions‘ very own head hancho, Jeff Brown, put on a show like no other. A sort of rock-lottery with a Twin Peaks spin: every band being centered around a different personality from the town. Log Lady, The Arm, Laura Palmer, Bob and, you guessed it, myself, Agent Dale Cooper, were all honored with songs, visuals, and acting from each band.

I took to the scene with my fellow investigator and temporary coworker, Erin Devany, to get her thoughts on the whole experience, beyond the photos we both managed to capture.

“The moment it was made public that Jeff Brown was putting together a showcase inspired by Twin Peaks, audiences all over were immediately enthralled. The whole night was themed to the show – cream corn and donuts greeting you as you came in, people dressed as their favorite characters, unsettling and atmospheric visuals, and of course the gorgeous music itself. It was transcending, immersive, dark and yet, hopeful, jazzy, and heavy; all genuine to the characteristics of Lynch’s masterpiece. Everyone was able to capture the essence of their assigned character and use their talents to create a rare look into the intimacies of the show. I was honored to be a part of this collective, alongside other visual artists that brilliantly showcased their bizarre and mind bending projections to match the tone of the music. All in all, this fest was a once in a lifetime experience with some of the most incredibly talented DFW artists to date. We’re all on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next themed showcase Jeff is going to bring to the table.”

Well said, Erin. Now, while we wait for the next one to come around – let’s give ourselves all a little present, just one, for today:

Some damn fine photographs.

So sit back with a nice cup of joe, and check out what this strange, wonderful night held in store for us.


We started out the night with Margaret Lanterman, our very own resident Log Lady. Her set was introspective, looking to delve in to the strange and often encrypted psyche of Margaret, while still managing to give a nod to her quirky character and make for a fun, funky jam session.

Then we had The Arm – for such an otherworldly, impenetrable character, the band put together an appropriately hallucinatory, noise-based set replete with visuals of our favorite dancing red-suited dwarf (and/or sentient tree) provided via a film projector. Ghoulish, with a pinch of dancing and jams, for good measure.

Laura Palmer followed with a band informally referring to themselves as “The Wrapped in Plastics”, and delivered from there an emotionally charged set filled with frightful exaltations and a view into Laura’s turbulent life via chaotic projections – and later, invaded by the members of the upcoming band, representing a creepy-crawly BOB lurking about the set during the band’s final song.

BOB then took the stage in proper, and gave us something that rocked everything from a spitoon, to a dance hall, and a heavy metal show. It was parts twangy psychobilly, and later, crunchy, droning punk that progressed into a finale of thrashing, screeching guitars.

And last, but certainly not least – Agent Dale Cooper’s band. The set began with a slow-burn intro into the perfectly apropos “Detective Shuffle”, a jazzy little number that wouldn’t be lost in an old Pink Panther sketch. From there, my arc was presented in broad brushtrokes via psychedelic noise, haunting ethereal vocals, and eventually, heavy-hitting hardcore as I tangoed with BOB and became, for a time, an evil version of myself.

Now, having been secretly asked by the band to provide a cameo little performance for their band, I was flattered and, by code of honor, obliged to step on stage to dramatically represent my life in Twin Peaks.

After all was said and done, I was beat. Achievement was its own award tonight, so let’s not let too much pride obscure that. Well done, Damn Fine Music Fest. You’ve earned all the thumbs ups that a Special Agent can offer. Damn good fest, damn good performances – and damn fine free doughnuts, might I add. 

Diane, readers: this is Dale Cooper, signing off.

Until next time – we’ll be looking forward to what our Log has to say about the sequel.


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