Guided by Skyler Hill and Ellie Alonzo

Photos by Ellie Alonzo

Immortal Technique

Oaktopia has just ended, but the music still lingers.


If you listen close enough, you can hear the decaying echoes of Immortal Technique’s chillingly inspiring lyrics, XXYYXX’s massive bass now faint, syncopated pulses, and the trailing reverb of a Mink Coats riff that you recognized right away.


As every artist that came to give us their music leaves Denton’s vibrant square, and those faint tails of sound die down, we can only hope that they have taken away from Denton as much as they have given us–an equilibrium of sorts.


Heavy Baby Sea Slugs


Whether it was verses rapped into a microphone, fingers tapped on a guitar’s fretboard, or a heartfelt scream, every noise that permeated the square over the past two days contributed to the collective sound of Denton, one that Oaktopia has shown to be diverse, vibrant, and always alive.



Mink Coats


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