Guided by Emily Bentley & Mike Carpenter

Photos by Mike Carpenter

Aesop Rock had the main stage area filled with people. The crowd was charged and responsive. With his quit wit, sharp lyrics combined with his ability to work some magic on the audience it was pretty obvious why Aesop Rock drew in the crowd. People were dancing, shouting back song lyrics, and sipping on beer. The only people who seemed to be let down by his music was a gaggle of girls in flower headbands behind me who announced to one of her friends, “Wait a minute, that doesn’t look like A$AP Rocky.”


I walked into Dans Silverleaf and was automatically greeted with the sound of a fast paced guitar that would send anyone back to the first time they ever snuck out of a window on a summer night. Space Gooses’ cocktail of incredible guitar and out-of-this-world beats kept my body pulsing.


If you ever want to feel incredibly unaccomplished be sure to hit up one of XXYYXX’s shows. Nothing will make you want to consume copious amounts of booze and think to yourself “Wait, what am I doing with my life?” like being around an 18-year-old who can only be described as a prodigy. Not only is he a one man show, but his ease at the turntables makes you realize he is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. As the night shifted around Denton, glowsticks began to circulate through the crowd and a sort of sweeping excitement began to build. XXYYXX had us all in the palm of his hands.


Afro Deexy Axe My friend and I went into Abbey already excited for Afro Deexy Axe. I’d seen them play before but I was excited to show them to my friend who I knew would love them. “This is like a mixed drink of rock and blues,” she laughed as she swayed her hips and arms. What more can you ask for than a sick combination of rock, jazz, funk, and cute boys in tye dye?


Star Party Nothing will make you want to sign up to be beamed up to space like Star Party. The violin was sick, the crowd was sicker and when they released the balloons into the crowd, the lights from Abbey Underground bounced off of them, making the room seem like it was covered in orbs.

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