Behind the scenes of one of the Austere Origins fashion shoots shot by Mike Carpenter.


Digital photos by Hillary Head. Film by Meredith White, Jacqueline Creech, Eliza Trono and Vicky Andres. 





Stylists: Lauren Jenkins, Emily Ruiz, Chima Onyebuchi and Chelcie Guidry

Models: Lauralee Penafuerte, Brandon Adams (Kim Dawson Agency) Morgan Cote, Chima Onyebuchi, Kevin Payne, Blake Burnett, Joey Kunisch, Shelby Otero, Alisha Henson and Audrey English.

Makeup artists: Maria Amanzo, Lorene Herrera, Mallory Chokas

Hair: Lorene Herrera, Meredith White


Special thanks to everyone else who came out and helped.

See the shoot in the November issue.

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