Photographer: Annie Pollock @anniepollock_

Model/Collage Artist: Hirah Park @hirahpark

The self, some voids, a presence. Closure?

This collaboration started off as studio portraitures which then underwent a process of digital collaging and manipulation. While these additions are technically considered as layers and extensions, the rips and tears conceptually serve as negative space that disrupts the portraiture. As the subject herself is on one plane, the tears suddenly open up voids of another dimension- a bleak, abysmal nothingness. The hand, which has no identity yet hints at the presence of another being, plays a part in crossing over between these two dimensions. The subject is not receptive to this being. It may be a matter of time, just as how we may need time to be receptive to the voids in our lives.

There is always something to gain from our “voids”, especially for closure.

Fashion photographer Annie Pollock and interdisciplinary artist Hirah Park are BFA graduates of Mason Gross School of the Arts, working in NY and NJ. As colleagues working in different mediums, their vision for this project was to come together as female artists and promote the spirit of collaboration.

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