Austere: What do you/where are you from?

KT: I’m a photographer from Bratislava, Slovakia but my location changes often. I’m currently moving between Bratislava, Prague, Zlin and Vienna and this year I lived in Dublin for three months.

A: Why do you make art?

KT: I think it’s part of my personality to do something creative and transform my thoughts into something that is meaningful to me. Since my childhood, I’ve had the need to create something, whether within paintings, drawings or photographs.


A: What do you think of your work?

KT: The assessment of my work I’d rather leave for the audience. Nevertheless, I think that my work is quite diverse. Now I focus mainly on commercial photo shoots but I also have some of my own projects. I enjoy combining and pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be, let’s say, art photography and what is not. In photography, I love a challenge and change. Every project, every photo has shifted me somewhere. For me, photography is also some form of a therapy. e.g. in my latest project called Little Town I documenting the village where I lived for years but I never got used to it. At the same time, this place always fascinated me with all the aspects like people, places, pervasive silence and secret events. For years I struggled with how to deal with all the feelings that I have in connection with this place and it turned out that through photography was the only way.

A: What’s your favorite piece or series you’ve ever done?

KT: It’s quite difficult for me to determine. I have a special relationship with most of my pictures because they often remind me of experiences and memories, but I think the closest is Space Flight or Little Town.

A: Who/what are you inspired by?

KT: I think a lot of my ideas come from my dreams. They’re very realistic and bizarre. Also I’m a big movie fan and I love the visual 50s and 60s. My greatest source of inspiration is when light illuminates an object or landscape in an interesting way.

A: What, if anything, do you want your art to accomplish?

KT: In my work, I do not have goals such as specific awards, although everyone who’s an artist is pleased when his work is recognized in magazines or in exhibitions. Rather, I would like to make work, which forces people to see something that makes them stop and think. A couple of my projects are more or less devoted to the criticism of society or metaphorically display a certain character of people. I think that’s one of the directions in which I want to go. I would like to work and have enough resources to create my visions.

A: What would you choose for your last meal?

 KT: Something with tomatoes. I love tomatoes.

A: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

 KT: I would like to travel through the universe.


To view more of Támová’s work, visit her site here.

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