JULY DISCOVERY // beth rubery

Beth is a 22 year old Fashion Photographer who just finished her degree at the Arts University Bournemouth. She loves the fluidity of the fashion image and the ability to say what you want with an editorial.

Poly Vinyl Chloride explores the connotations of women wearing PVC clothing. Usually seen as erotic, I wanted to use elements of the styling to bring a conversation about wearing PVC in a non-sexualized way. Imani was perfect for the shoot as she’s a beautiful and confident character, with striking looks. She loved this shoot because she likes creating images that make women feel more comfortable in what they do and who they are.

“Also PVC is really fun to play with.”

Beth Rubery – Team and Styling credits
Photographer: Beth Rubery @bethruber
Stylist: Roxanne Mcadam @roxyfashionmarketing
Make-up: Esther Bowell @makeup_eb
Model: Imani Naghten @imaninaghten
Assistant: Becky Irons @b.irons_photography


Top: The Trash Rack
Jeans: Stylists own
Boots: Public Desire

Gloves: Stylists own
Trousers: ASOS

Jumpsuit and shoes: ASOS
Skirt and belt: Stylists own

Gloves: Stylists own

Top (lilac) and Jeans: ASOS
Top (pink): Gemma Goldstone
Glasses: Dark Vintage Paradise

Dress: Ceekit
Shoes: ASOS

Coat: Stylists own

Skirt: Bags 2 Bitches


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