Queer+Trans+Nonbinary Gaze

Discover Los Angeles Photographer: Abbey Sacks

I’m currently working on a photo and video series featuring queer/trans/nonbinary people. I want to capture each subject in ways that are vulnerable and authentic. This project has helped me become more comfortable with myself identifying as queer, learning more about the queer community and giving LGBTQ people a platform for their voices to be heard. So far I’ve done four different shoots and I’m hoping to capture many more to get a variety of voices and perspectives. The process is really different for each person I shoot. Most of the shoots have been street shoots – we’ll meet up, explore the streets together and see if any backdrops or locations inspire us. I want it to feel like we’re going on an adventure together and the camera just happens to be there, capturing it. There’s a very spontaneous and playful feeling I like to keep when shooting, which allows the subjects to feel looser and like they can just be completely themselves on camera. I’ve been interviewing each person about their experiences and stories around the topic of queer identity. By the end of the project, I’m hoping to compile all of the interviews into a short documentary.

I create because making art is the time when I feel most connected to myself and other people. It allows me to be completely vulnerable and honest.

My message behind this project is to bring underrepresented LGBT voices to the forefront and allow them to exist in authentic ways. I hope that people will feel a sense of connectedness with the models. I want queer people to be able to see themselves in my work and know they are not invisible. That their voices matter.

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