Talk about an experience. The electrifying duo Ratatat gave everyone at The Bomb Factory in Dallas the feels. As a longtime fan of rocktronica kings Evan Mast and Mike Stroud, both Ellie [photographer] and I were amped they finally came back from their five-year hiatus. With cuts from their mid-summer release, Magnifique, and classics like “Loudpipes” and “Wildcat”,  it was a whirlwind of sounds and lights. Everyone was lost in the mood.


Stroud is clearly the entertainer of the two, standing on the edge of the stage making sweet love to his guitar and getting shrills out of the crowd. Mast jammed out in the distance, less interactive but still in the groove. His bad ass glowing drums took the cake for me though. They probably said a total of ten words throughout the whole set! Their music continues to transcend and outstand musical trends.

For the other fans out there, yes they played “Grape Juice City”, “Seventeen Years” and “Lex.” 🙂




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