We talked to musician Sarah Jaffe about her upcoming set for Oaktopia Fest and her love for Denton, TX!

SarahJaffe.Photo3What’s your favorite part about your live set now? Do you have a favorite song to perform? Why?

I have really been enjoying reworking older songs with the band. We have fine-tuned a lot of my older songs… Mostly to give our ears a break.. But also give the crowd a bit of a twist.

We know you’re pretty familiar with Denton, do you have a favorite place to visit? Which and why? 

I’ve really been enjoying seeing Denton’s new boom… Every time I visit Denton now there’s something new that’s just popped up. Of course anyone with a strong tie to a place feels a bit sad to see things change. But I think the recent changes are a definite positive. A perfect example would be the new restaurant Barley and Board. … Where there once was a Subway a few months ago is now a delicious and beautifully done new restaurant. And the last two times I’ve been to Denton I’ve eaten at 940’s. Another example of tastiness with style. Beautiful bar too. Also really enjoying West Oak Coffee Bar. Great service and by far my favorite cappuccino in town.  I will always have my Denton staples though- circa 77, recycled books, and Dan’s Silverleaf will always be my #1.


What are you most stoked about for Oaktopia this year?

The catering and playing music with my friends and watching my friends play music.


When you released your latest album, what was the vision or message you wanted to portray in it?

I don’t think I had an overall message. I think each individual song tells a story, or portrays something personal or sometimes something light hearted. I of course have a vision of how I want songs to sound, and how I want each one to blend with the next. But I think in recording Don’t Disconnect I just wanted to have fun to put it simply. I think that has a lot to do with collaboration. The more I stepped outside of myself and riffed on someone else’s creativity as well as my own, the more fun it became. Think collaboration is really important for me.

Catch Jaffe’s set at Oaktopia on Sunday, the 27th at 6:30 on the Travelstead Main Stage.

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