Discover Photographer Dylaila & Artist Cyril

Dylaila is a photographer based in St.Petersburg. Dylaila studied at the Institute of Culture Programs where he has been qualified as a photographer and Oleg Caplan’s school where he found his own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through his focus on the points of intersection between artistic photography, painting, and collage. Dylaila is recipient of the Russian Museum photo biennale prize.

Cyril Ely is digital and video artist from St.Petersburg graduated at Herzen State University of Russia. Started as a web artist created glitch art and memes. Over time he created more complicated digital and photo artworks. Ely’s first personal exhibition held at 2014. Ely’s work can be found in private and public art collections.

Cyril Ely and Dylaila started to work together at 2016 and implemented various projects: personal exhibitions, fashion editorials, promo shooting. They also worked as curators for the group exhibition “Verge of contrast” and modern art festival “Edge” included famous Russian and foreigner artists like Jenya Vyguzov and Rachel Denti. They also conceived their own photographic technique called “sleetslide” based on the ice and image interaction.


How’s it made?

Sleetslide photographic technique is the process of altering images by placing the ice pieces on the photograph. The physical structure of ice distorts the original shape and refracts light. It is also used to create abstract art.


The main stage of the process of creation sleetslide image is shooting printed photographs covered with ice.

The final result may be varied depending on how the ice interacts with photographs, the depth of freezing and additional distorting factors.


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