This song has been on repeat all week. Vibe with me.

SOUNDS LIKE: sexy sexy sexy and sexy with a touch of idgaf.

 Bio From Atlantic Records:

Future superstar Anne-Marie doesn’t do things by halves. Ever since she was two years old and joined her local performing arts school, she’s wanted to be the best at whatever she puts her mind to. Roles in two West End productions suggested she was pretty good at singing and acting, so when she started doing karate she won two international championships by the age of seventeen. But music has always been her passion and after touring the world with Rudimental (she also appears on four songs on their new album), she’s ready to be the best again. “I love being the best in what I do, always,” she says in her thick Essex accent. “I’m really self-critical. I’m a perfectionist. When I’m good at something and I know I can be the best, I carry on; so Beyoncé, Sia, Rihanna – I’m coming for you yeah.” She lets out a huge cackle, as she does often. Last summer, she laid down a marker in the shape of the progressive Karate EP, a collection of three vastly different songs, produced by the likes of Two Inch Punch and Brad Ellis, all anchored by Anne-Marie’s supple voice and inherent talent for melody. “My plan was to put the EP out as the weird and cool side of my music, to let people know that bit of my personality, and then move towards the pop side,” she explains. As she said, watch out world, she’s coming.

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