Discover Dallas Photographer: Burnett Taylor

This editorial shoot came from the actual progression of the butterfly process. The movement of the subject emoted the stages of life for the butterfly.   Starting out one way, but transforming into a beautiful work of nature.  I create to share my perspective on how I see things that may give someone the inspiration or courage to do the same.

I feel that Art is the fruition of an inner gift within us, it’s where reality meets fantasy.   I think we are all creatures of creativity it’s having the courage to present to the world your most inner thoughts, I create to express my freedom to inspire other without speaking a word.

The message behind it is to inspire others that life is a cycle of a butterfly.  To grow into a beautiful adult you most go through stages. Just as the butterfly goes through a complete metamorphosis, from the egg which is not so pretty to the caterpillar that struggles to find it’s way, only to emerge as a beautiful and graceful work of art that grabs the attention of many as it flys by. 

I hope people gain a sense of power; it’s not where you are from it’s where you are going.

Team credit:
Photographer: Burnett Taylor @burnetttaylorphoto
Model: Aliah Garcia @aliahgarcia
Stylist: Maria Garcia
MUA: Dee Dee Hill @makeupbydhill

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