Words // Alcynna Lloyd – Photos // Ellie Alonzo

Last week, Dallas was hit with a wave of electronic pop that sent people into a dancing frenzy. This show was, simply put, magical. A true representation of the power of live music and the visual arts.

Suzi Analogue opened the show, bringing the energetic sound of electro-soul. Her music is a mixture of hip-hop and electronic music that ignites the dance floor. Analogue’s set also had a strong message of empowering women. In between beat drops, there were a few “Yes, girl!”‘s from the audience. Let’s be clear:

We can never have too many artists that boast the importance of female love.

Sylvan Esso‘s performance will surely be a show that many concertgoers will talk about for years to come. Before discussing the music, proper homage must be given to their visual design. Often when going to a show, you hope the music is good – but what happens when the music is amazing, and the visuals are just as good?

You lose your shit, of course.  

Sylvan Esso nails the set up for creating a killer ambiance.

Imagine being shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of people in the dark, and suddenly being hit with exploding colors. Then without warning, out walks the electro-pop goddess herself. Everyone in the crowd followed Amelia’s movements like clockwork. Nick also hypnotized the crowd, with his blend of energy and genuine excitement.

Let it be known: Sylvan Esso is, is powerful. The duo sound just as, if not better, live versus in studio recordings. They have the talent to make a concert experience feel intimate, despite being in a crowd of hundreds. They use this to their advantage, making every song a different experience within itself.

It is no surprise that when they performed “Wolf”, the audience erupted in howls. Can you imagine how beautiful that feeling was? It sent shivers down our spines and put fire in our souls. I mean after all, haven’t we all come across a modern wolf? That’s the amazing thing about them: they ignite familiar feelings and even resolve them. There wasn’t a dry eye or a tearless cheek in the audience.

“Hey Mami” and “Coffee” were crowd favorites – both being their most recognizable songs. A thing about the duo is that you can really feel them in their performance. When Amelia sings, “Hey Mami, I know what you are”, you really feel as if you know exactly what she’s talking about.  When Nick goes for the breakdown in “Coffee”, you feel the pain in the lyrics. It’s like a playful relationship they have with the audience. They can bring to light the feelings that we often let fall by the wayside in our day to day lives.

All in all, the band put on a memorable experience. If you have the chance, be sure to catch them the next time they come to your city. You don’t want to miss them


For more from Sylvan Esso, follow them on their website here – and as always, stay tuned for more art and more experiences from your loves here at Austere.

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