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We recently crossed paths with Sarah Shipman, an artist and illustrator bringing in a new view into expressing her appreciation for game-changing females in this delicately curated and elegantly designed deck of Tarot cards.

In her own words, “Our Tarot is a new, innovative deck that connects 78 women from the pages of history with the traditional archetypes and meanings associated with each of the 78 Tarot cards. This isn’t just a new deck with a different aesthetic. Every single card will feature the likeness and name of a remarkable woman, combined with multimedia illustration that conveys the energy, messages and symbolism she brings to the deck. “

fool_joanofarc hermit_emilydickinson highpriestess_hildegard queenwands_josephinebaker

There are only a handful of days left and her project is already completely funded + quite a bit more but we felt the need to share it out to you beautiful souls reading this in case you wanted to snag a copy of your own before the project ends and prices likely rise.

Check out the rest of the kickstarter project here.

example_cards3 example_cards4

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