Words and Photos // Garrett Smith

Wild Child recently graced Dallas venue Trees with a beautiful live performance, filled with energy and abandon; raw emotional expression, giddy glee, and a pure sense of happiness. It’s obvious that these Austin-based rockers have really built a connection with their fanbase, with the overwhelming energy of the crowd being one of a supportive, excited group of people.

Every song is anthemic, whether bouncing poppily along with an upbeat jam, or moving deliberately with a heartfelt ballad. And the audience treats every one as if personally performed for them; there’s definitely a camaraderie here that transcends the barrier of stage and crowd. Despite being from Austin, the Dallas receptions is as warm as any homecoming. People were excited to the point of mania, at times – even attempting to shoulder one’s way a little further was met either with excited cheers of “come stand here, it’s a great view!” or upturned eyes and audible sighs.

You know what? That’s a great sign for us. Seeing a crowd so passionately in love with the performers is a rare sight, these days, short of sold-out coliseums and big name festivals. If that means a couple of vehement, unbudging fans, so be it – we’d rather see passion take a spunky, standoffish turn than see no passion at all.

But enough from us. We’ll let these photos tell all the rest, below:

For more from Wild Child, check out their website here. While you’re there, make sure to give their new album, Expectations, a good listen.

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