BFF stylists and bloggers Savannah Scott and Sydney Anna are the Trollsen Twins. Self-proclaimed mothers of local emerging talent in fashion, they are repping Montreal, women and unconventional beauty.


Photographer Alex Black,  Clothing MARKANTOINE and Atelier Wonder, Makeup Ashley Diabo

How do you girls work together? What is your dynamic like?

Aesthetically we’re on the exact same page, and that’s really great for us because it can be hard to represent one thing and be two people that are pretty different. Our tasks are divided based on our skills so the work feels more natural, never forced.

Our dynamic is all about having fun and being different; we refuse to take fashion seriously but if we have a job we’ll give it everything we have, always with a goal of producing something unusual for the client.

There is no greater priority to us than collaborating with brands, designers, photographers, stylists and other bloggers. Those we collaborate with are always people we know will bring a crazy new element to the table for a project, they all have these kind of specific flavors we like to mix with ours depending on the kind of project we’re doing. They all bring something to it that we could never provide and it’s that surprise that we love.

What got you interested in styling and writing about fashion?

Savannah is currently working on a degree in Journalism at Concordia University, and I (Sydney) graduated from Lasalle College in Fashion Design, so it’s not so much a decision we made but more a natural course our work took. I (Sydney) was styling and designing and Savannah was writing about fashion long before we met, and we both got to try each other’s trades over the years working as the Trollsen Twins. What we do is driven by an impulse to express our creativity and an absolute love for style and fashion that we think we’ve always had in us. The interest is as old as we are!


We’re really inspired by “ugliness”, what most people consider to be wrong and unappealing. We’re just so bored with conventional beauty.

FINAL3200DPI066Who and what inspires you?

We’re really inspired by “ugliness”, what most people consider to be wrong and unappealing. We’re just so bored with conventional beauty. Everyone knows how over-saturated the fashion industry is, from design to blogging, and social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr inundate our minds with unoriginal socially constructed ideas of “style” and “beauty”. We look for intelligence and humor in fashion, not only a great pair of nails holding a nice looking latte.

We’re inspired by designers like Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQueen, Miuccia Prada, and Manish Arora. The reigning King and Queen of design in Montreal are Paulina Wonders from Atelier WONDER and Ben Lafaille from LAFAILLE. We’ve worked with both of them and are lucky to call them friends, we consider both of them to be great sources of inspiration as well.


What makes you work hard?

Probably because it doesn’t feel like work!  The cliché “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is very true. We only just started and we’re also pretty new to the world in general, but we can only hope to continue doing what we love without ever having to worry about anything else. Maybe that’s why we work hard, because we’re afraid that doing anything less would mean we’d have to eventually stop being the Trollsen Twins. Not an option!

Part of why we like you two so much is that it seems like you have a lot of fun with your work. do you think that ever affects the way people perceive you?

Absolutely! Probably sometimes for the worse, but we like to think most people are looking for fun when it comes to fashion. People take themselves so seriously, and we think that if there’s one aspect of our lives where we can always have fun and show our creativity is in the way we dress. It probably seems like we’re always laughing throughout our work because we are! It would be impossible for us to behave in any other way. And as for those who don’t want any fun involved in their fashion, well we don’t really care about the way they perceive us; our idea of how style should be doesn’t align with theirs anyway!


How do you think people perceive your work online vs IRL?

We portray ourselves genuinely on social media, so we think people probably have the same ideas about us in person that they have about our online personalities. We like to make people feel comfortable with being silly and being themselves around us and we think that translates to our social media too! We want people to know that we live our lives just as colorfully and ridiculously as it seems online.

How do you work to represent feminism in fashion?

We’re feminists through and through, in every aspect of our lives. No matter what we do we’re conveying these messages, but we physically represent it through wearing whatever we want with zero regard for expectations and others’ opinions. Women are constantly told how to look and feel when it comes to clothing and appearances, and we both really dress for ourselves, whatever makes us happy or laugh is what’s right. Any woman who has autonomy and integrity and that isn’t bound by any gender roles or expectations are doing it right. If you’re thinking that our view isn’t special in any way or that every woman thinks that way then great, you’re doing it right too! We shouldn’t expect anything less from each other.

What’s really important to us now is fighting the idea that we don’t need feminism anymore because the problem is solved; women need to come together and fight for each other for equality to really happen.


Can you tell us a little bit about the creative scene in Canada? Why do you think it’s important for people to participate in the scene and help it thrive?

There’s a lot of amazing talent in Canada and we hope to see more of it on the big stage. The problem with our industry is that talented people tend to leave the country once they find success. What we need is more platforms for creative people to show what they’ve got. For example, Montreal’s fashion week just dissolved about a year ago. That’s a huge loss for such an imaginative city. It can be discouraging to think that even if you make something great, nobody will ever see it. Thankfully social media is a enormous platform that everyone everywhere can use!

What do you wish people outside of your community knew about the talent in your area?

That Montrealers are way out there. Most of the designers coming out of here are leading the way for the rest of Canada, maybe not in sales but definitely in ideas. There’s a lot of wild stuff and it really can be quite sinful out in these streets and I think that plays a big part in the art that come out of here.


In what ways do you promote local talent?

We like to mix local people of different walks together and get them to see how amazing the results of collaboration can be, especially in a place as colorful and wild as Montreal. We’ll find a Montreal publication, pair them with a Montreal brand and use local hair and makeup artists so the entire result is home grown!

What advice do you have for girls about encouraging one another?

Don’t give in to the expectations that the world has about women! There’s this idea that we’re catty and bitchy, that we gang up on each other and talk shit. Honestly the women in our lives are so loving and generous and encouraging it’s impossible for us to imagine them cutting each other down. Women go through a lot of bullshit, and if we don’t stick together and encourage each other then we’ll never reach perfect equality. Step outside your insecurities and see things worth encouraging in one another, it’ll come back to you and pay off hugely.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Probably that we feel a sort of motherly duty towards local talent, especially those we’ve reached out to and worked with. If we want to collaborate it means we really believe that you’ve got something nobody else has and we promise that our loyalty and support will never run out! We wish success to everyone out there who wakes up every morning and does everything they can to show the world who they are and help others along the way.




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