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We’ve been attending the Pin Show for the last few years and it only seems to get better and better with each installment. This year’s show was extremely well rounded.

With all the performances during and between designer showcases, there was plenty of stimulation all around. out of all the 27 amazing designers, we were graced with that night, two truly stood out for us.

You could say they had an Austere “je ne sais quoi” to them that left us wanting to buy or feature every single piece. We spoke with these major babes to get a vibe for who they are and why this work fuels their fire.



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What inspired your latest collection?

The inspiration comes from one of my favorite movie called “The Professional”.

I was enlightened by the characters dialogue and figures image in this movie.  I used scripts and graphics combining edgy details from this movie to create a visual impact on the garments. The main character in the movie, Leon, seems clumsy and indifferent but has a kind heart. My concept of design is to present the attitude of the current young population to life. They may seem cold outside, but with a warm heart inside.

Why did you decide to become a designer?

I am a vision-based person and I love to be a participator in the fashion field. The most significant component to become a designer is passion. It guides me to become a fashion designer. 

What is the most difficult part of design production?

The most difficult part of the production is fabric sourcing. 

What celebrity or industry person would you drool over wearing your designs?

I would like to have the famous Victoria Secret model, Liu Wen to wear my designs.


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What inspired your latest collection?

I began my design process with mostly 1 color in mind. I have always looked at color, shape, and movement as my points of departure for design. As I thought about the things I wanted to make, the only clear thing were the bits of pink that kept flashing in my mind. With pink as my base color, I started trying to put ideas to paper. The shapes soon began to take an Asian-inspired flare. I was watching some anime at the time (although many of my designs often resemble Latin and Asian). I have never been very heavy on research, and I like to consider my designs inspired by instead of a representative of any culture they may resemble. I am a huge fan of textile development and crafting techniques (both hand-crafted and new technologies). I looked at quotes, sayings, hashtag and other social media and pop culture references for the embroidery, and chose to do some in accordance with the name I want to establish as my brand name (AIN’T NO LADY). And finally, I love a touch of athleisure in most things fashion.

Why did you decide to become a designer?

As far as to why I decided to become a designer, I am not completely sure myself. I had always from a really young age manifested many interests in many fields. I am a quick learner and get bored easily. Growing up I had expressed interests in medicine, teaching, biology, chemistry, dance, even software development, and robotics. Things changed a little once we moved from Mexico to the US back in 2009. Moving to a new country where everything ( language, culture, people) is different, put things into perspective for me. I felt as if any accomplishments I had achieved in my hometown didn’t count anymore, I had to start all over. Having most of the credits I needed to graduate ( High School, back then), I was enrolled in an art class (something I hadn’t really considered much before ( I would have never even considered fashion as the path my life would take). Luckily it so turned out I was pretty decent at it. Somewhere along the way, my ideas started to show up as fashion drawings( really bad ones back then lol). I like to count myself as a lucky one, I have always said that I stumbled upon my career path. I don’t really think I chose it as much as I just kinda happened to fall into it, and I love how organically it all happened.  When I really think about it, designing is something that keeps me entertained, new patterns, techniques, and making new things often keeps me from ever getting bored. 

What is the most difficult part of design production?

I am trying to figure out if going into business for my own is something I can commit to at the moment. Right now I am looking at the types of items I want and could produce. The hardest thing about the production has to be understanding the scale at which you are starting and whether or not you can keep up with the customer demands. I have worked for a great Dallas-based Menswear company, and I have seen first hand how involved production can be when you are the one making the products. The other big part of the production is whether or not, a design’s development is viable for sale and manufacturing.

What celebrity or industry person would you drool over wearing your designs?

As for what celebrity I would drool over wearing my collection, I would be flattered if any wanted to wear them. I don’t think I’m above any celebrity wearing any of my pieces. The collection made two quick references to LeAnne Locken and Anna Wintour, however, I know the aesthetics of this collection do not fit what we have come to know their personal style of dress. That being said, I could see Rihanna in some of these pieces. She is queen when denim is around…so if she wants a costume made anything just holla at your girl.

As I mentioned previously I am still trying to find my place within the fashion industry, whether it is independently or through a major brand. In the mean time, I am eager to get onto making new things to show you all and display my abilities as a designer and artist.

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