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 Austere Magazine is an edifying print and digital publication seeking truth and conscious consumption in culture, fashion, art and music. We are so much more than a magazine to flip through.


Editorial: GAMI

Creative Director/Stylist: K8 McKay @kateroxmckay Photographer: Greg Gainor @ggainorphoto Hair: Julia Savitskaya @annysty Makeup: ...


Depth with Daughter

To be completely honest, when I first thought about making an issue about the ...


Inaugural Sound on Sound fest 2016

Words by Jonahs Downer // Photos by Ellie Alonzo Castles, Dragons, and Deep Eddy ...


Anonymity and a Woman’s Gut Instinct

We interviewed editor Yasmine Ganley, the artist and author behind the aesthetic journal anyonegirl ...


The Power of Food

I can pass it down through generations. The cultural significance of my native food ...


Desert Daze 2016

Paying homage to all things psyched-out and groovy Austere celebrated the 5th Annual Desert ...

A photo by Adam Przewoski. unsplash.com/photos/umchkHwkdyM

The Politics of Listening

What’s the point if we were all just there to grab sound bites, be ...